Wednesday, August 1, 2007

(From now on, all times will be those of the country I’m staying in. Right now, it’s Japan. 4:24 PM in Japan=2:24 AM in Chicago)

Greetings from Japan. I don’t have tremendous cultural musings about the new country I’m in because it would be claptrap about their airport, which doesn’t do Japan justice. So, I’ll spare you that nonsense.

I do have some people to thank for the sweet trip I had on my way out here. The first is Rick Coopman, who gave me a companion pass that allowed me to fly from O’Hare to Tokyo for super cheap. The second are my parents, who kept their calm as I, like a maniac, made last-minute packing decisions. Sometimes, my procrastination mystifies myself, and I cannot fathom what it does to them.

Anyway, I have a little over an hour to try to stay awake so that I can board my flight to get me to Seoul.

Peace out.

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